Another Holocaust?

Jun. 21, 2022

Racism, the CCP and Elite Totalitarians the World Over

The ethnic Han of China hold most of the dominant positions in the CCP. The Han Chinese comprise over 90 percent of the population of China. The more militant Han believe that they are the only true Chinese people. Their Marxist ideology dovetails with the Han’s belief in their own superiority to all other ethnic groups, races and nations.

Much like Hitler’s Nazis during the last century, the Han members of the CCP, since they are willing to murder anyone who disagrees with their policies, are all too willing to kill millions—perhaps billions—of people across the world whom they believe are inferior to them.

The totalitarians in the West should be aware that they may be useful to the CCP leadership during the initial stages of communist expansion, but when they are no longer useful, they will be put out to pasture or put to death when an ethnic Han CCP official can replace them.

If we acknowledge that the CCP was behind the Wuhan Lab’s development of COVID19, whether its release was accidental or not, we can confidently assume that they are weaponizing a virus for the purpose of murdering a few billion people around the world, including millions of Chinese in their own country. There may be many people who wish to deny this because of how monstrous it is, but a brief look back should dispel any belief that the totalitarian CCP has good intentions.

During the 20th century, the mass murder of six million Jews by the Nazis, the mass murder of millions of Russians at the hands of Stalinists and the mass murder of millions of Chinese at the hands of Maoists were only a prelude to what we are witnessing in its early stages today.

We are on the precipice of the largest mass murder in human history. Those who are “managing” it—the grandiose, narcissistic monsters of the WEF, the ruthless leaders of the CCP, the delusional leftists in the US and the elitist leaders of the EU—have great plans for mankind’s collective future.

They want to put humans on a weight-loss program, but instead of losing pounds, we will be losing lives. A few billion fewer humans will trim the fat. It’s out of the kindness of their hearts that most of us will be shed from the collective body. Slim down, humanity!

Totalitarians are not humane people. They do not believe in human rights. They do not believe in the sanctity of life. They believe in murdering their opponents. To quote something attributed to Stalin, they believe that “death solves all problems,” as long as it’s somebody else’s death.

Those who are drawn to such ideologies do not see themselves as monsters but as saviors. They envision a future in which humans will have integrated circuits implanted so they can access an Internet directed by artificial intelligence that will govern the lives of the small remnant of humans considered worthy of sharing in their glorious future.

Nevertheless, they will have a lot of cleaning up to do before they can settle into their utopian future. Hmmm…where to bury the bodies? And those areas of the planet unusable for the next thousand years because some were more zealous in their approach to collective weight-loss? Also, viruses have a pesky tendency to mutate faster than humans can develop vaccines to combat them.

And what about AGI (artificial general intelligence) they thought would be a great boon to humanity? Will it calculate that the cyborgs passing for humans in this glorious future need to be eliminated because their cost is greater than their benefit? Will they be deemed too high-maintenance?

Don’t worry your obsolete brain over such things that only a select few can understand. Just stare at your flatscreen TV…you’re getting sleepier and sleepier…you are the lord of all you survey.