Jul. 28, 2021

The Future Totalitarianism

Beware of Geeks Bearing Grifts: A Future of Total Dependence

Grifter: A grifter is somebody who can influence anybody, anywhere, at anytime, into doing whatever they want. Urban Dictionary 

The middle-class young who have been living off their parents since birth are more amenable to communism because their utopian dream is to remain happily dependent their whole lives. They are easily enticed by promises of free stuff. President Obama knew this when he upped the age level for dependent young adults so they could remain longer on their families’ health insurance. Universal health care is inordinately attractive to younger people. It was a brilliant move if you admire grifting. 

The young also believe the lie that Cuba has world-class universal medical care. Why? A pretty lie—a Potemkin medical system—is more palatable than the ugly truth that the workers get no access to the medical care Party members receive. The people are enslaved and powerless to oppose the thugs running the country.