Apr. 17, 2021

Sowing Social Destruction

  •  “TURN ON. to contact the ancient energies and wisdoms that are built into your nervous system. They  provide unspeakable pleasure and revelation.
  • “TUNE IN. to harness and communicate these new perspectives in a harmonious dance with the external world.  
  • “DROP OUT. detach yourself from the tribal game. current models of social adjustment - mechanized, computerized, socialized, intellectualized, televised, sanforized (sic) - make no sense to the new LSD generation who see clearly that American society is becoming an air-conditioned anthill.”

                                                  Timothy Leary

While addling his brain with LSD, Timothy Leary, a counter-culture guru of the 1960s, concluded that we were all centers of the universe. He returned from his mountain of LSD-soaked grandiosity to share his insights with the rest of us. He was a cult leader who believed that LSD would open up the secrets of our internal universes. 

Millions of young people were enticed by the promise of nirvana on a piece of blotting paper. They loved the intense, oceanic feeling they got from LSD. Many of them soon discovered that LSD trips were more like neurological carnival rides than gateways to enlightenment. Many of those young people are now our current leaders. What have they learned since then? They have learned that mind-altering substances are a way to passify and control people. 

Our current leaders have discovered that these altered reality experiences are great ways for people to be distracted from their miserable lives. A person enraptured by LSD or put into a pleasant stupor by marijuana is not going to raise hell in any organized way against those who supply the means—their pushers. From their leftist perspective, our current leaders think “why let religion be the 'opiate of the people?’ Make opioids the opiate of the people!” Replace God as the Pusher of hopefulness with the State as the Pusher of whatever gets you through the night. The people are hungry? Let them shoot smack.

Concurrent with the the State’s interest in cashing in on a culture of rampant drug dependence, we have had a revolution in information technology leading to the smart phone. Companies like Google and Microsoft discovered that people were easily lured into the digital world if they could play games that kept them so focused on the screens in front of them that they wouldn’t notice the house burning down around them.   

People at the top do not get there because they are morally good; they get there because they are highly intelligent and ruthless. (Such folks might prefer the word “dispassionate” instead of “ruthless.” My preferred synonyms are “cold-blooded” and “reptilian.”)

People who get to the top of the heap of intelligent sociopaths don’t rest on their laurels. There is always work to be done to keep their fellow sociopaths from deposing them. In addition, the scruffy populace must be pacified and distracted with what the ancient Roman poet Juvenal called “bread and circuses.” To keep up with today’s methods of social control, it might be more fitting to use the phrase “drugs and smartphones.”

Those outside the walls of elitist compounds are seen as the “help” at best and “refuse” at worst. The elites consider themselves alone as worthy of surviving any and all catastrophies. Does anything restrain them from destroying all those who impede them? 

In a country without moral precepts, in a lawless country, nothing restrains them. These folks hate “should” and “shouldn’t”. They believe in “can” and “will.” If they can take power, they will take power. If they can abuse you, they will abuse you. If they can destroy you, they will. 

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."  Edmund Burke