Feb. 7, 2021

Socialism’s Empty Promise

Our democracy in the US was not designed to make people perfect; it was designed to encourage imperfect people to live shoulder-to-shoulder without resorting to bloodshed. By the ballot, the will of the people could wrest power from one group and give it to another without a coup.

A presidential election was supposed to settle the matter as to which party would take the reins of power every four years. In 1861, the Democrat slave states refused to accept those results and started a civil war. In 2016, the Democrat Party again refused to accept those results and attempted a coup using a bogus impeachment. Then in 2020, the Democrat Party staged a coup by fudging election results and is now trying to ensure they keep power by staging another bogus impeachment to keep Donald Trump from running for president in 2024. 

When the will of the governed is ignored, democracy dies. The people who want to kill it, the communists who now control the Democrat Party, are not the loyal opposition but a disloyal band of globalists who have staged a coup. 

We need to counter the Democrat Party’s attempts to destroy our democracy if we have any chance of returning the US to its Constitutional foundation. Many people believe that train has already left the station, so writing this could be a futile exercise. Nevertheless, my hope is that, if enough people struggle against the rising tide of totalitarianism, we can build a barrier to keep it from drowning us. 

So what is the long con? The term is used to describe a lengthy scheme to defraud a person or an institution of something the fraudster seeks to have. Communism is an example of the long con. The fraudsters of communism believe in total war and treat all who oppose them as enemies that must be destroyed. The first stage of the communist long con is infiltration. In this phase, your task is to frame all issues as examples of oppression. Every objection to your tactics must be countered with accusations that put the opposition in a bad light. Why are you poor? Racists! Why were you turned down for that job? Sexists! Someone called a person who entered our country illegally an illegal immigrant? Xenophobic!

Once someone appeals to your worst instincts and you succumb, their next step is to exploit your vulnerability in two ways. First, to get you to do what they want, like ignoring their theft of intellectual property, they threaten to ruin you by exposing your misdeeds. Second, they will feed your worst instincts in ways that set the hook deeper. You go from being corruptible to being corrupt to being a criminal when you let your lusts control you. Political fraudsters and blackmailers know this. 

Elections have been beset with con games since the first proto-democracy of Athens. Those who want to keep or increase their power use fear and hatred to incite people to vote in a democracy. Buying votes, coercing votes and suppressing votes have occurred in all elections. Poorly educated voters are more easily swayed by such tactics. The dumbing down of American school children to prevent them from getting a balanced but generally favorable view of our history has been one facet of the long con. 

 In order to convince people you have the remedy for their ailment, you must first convince them that they have an ailment. Those selling products and those selling ideologies use similar strategies. They create ailments that don't exist and then claim they have the cure.

Cinderella’s response to her mistreatment was to magically find a prince. We call this a fairytale ending. The fairytale ending socialism promises is that all will appropriate (steal) an equal slice from a very large pie taken from those who would prefer to keep that pie for themselves.

Whatever the motive may be for jumping on the communist train, stealing from the rich is a one-time event. Once you take from the rich, there are no more rich to take from. The feeding frenzy is followed by an empty pantry and starvation. Who survives in such circumstances? The criminal fraudsters who now rob the poor. This is how slave states come into being. This is the long con—the empty promise of a socialist paradise.

We humans do not like to hear advice from those wiser than us, but we do love flattery. Casinos cater to people who love to be treated with VIP status while losing thousands at the gaming tables. Lotteries rely on people who love to live momentarily with the vain hope they’ll beat the almost infinitely large odds stacked against them. The communist con is that all comrades will win the socialist lottery. They are right, but the winning tickets will be worth nothing. Welcome to a world in which no one is to be trusted. Welcome to a future of totalitarian mass incarceration and mass murder.