High Tech Slavery

Dec. 6, 2020

The Global Reset 

Does anyone recall when Hillary Clinton presented the “Reset Button” to the Russian ambassador during her stint as Secretary of State? She was telling an inside joke to a select group. Only a few people around the world got it, among them, George Soros. Today, the elitist “Global Reset” is a euphemism for mass murder on a scale that makes Hitler, Stalin and Mao look like amateurs. People the world over should be concerned about the plans the mega-rich have for the planet.

Those at the top of the food chain are trying to figure out how to decimate the world’s population for the sake of themselves and their like-minded colleagues in the tech industries. Most humans don’t measure up to their exacting standards and we take up too much space and overuse resources.  We human flotsam threaten a glorious future where everyone in this much-reduced population will be connected by neural implants through Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Well, not everyone. 

The movers and shakers will not have neural implants because, as the people in charge, they will have demonstrated that they do not need them. Of course, they may allow GPS chips to be implanted just in case criminal refuseniks kidnap them.  The top dogs will have access to virtual reality rides that give them pleasure whenever they want, but neural implants that inhibit their actions? Never. After all, they need to be free to vent homicidal rage at incompetent subordinates and enemies of the state, something their subordinates’ implants will prevent them from doing to their superiors. 

In this futuristic, progressive dream (or nightmare), a single, world-encompassing AGI will direct all human activity using algorithms that “optimize” human performance. This brave new world has no downside, does it? Well, knowing how megalomaniacal those who want to be at the top of this heap are, it is possible that several AGIs under the control of  competing megalomaniacs will compete until the extinction of all humans, including the megalomaniacs themselves. 

No less a luminary than Elon Musk believes humans will have neural implants within a few years. Musk suggested that smart phones today compare to future implants much like the telegraph compared to the telephone in the last century. Musk says that, while the smart phone is an inefficient interface, it is just the beginning. Soon we won’t have to speak our requests out loud; we will think them and they will be enacted. Isn’t this wonderful? How can there be a downside? 

 Of course, there must be limitations on thoughts and actions that will be allowed expression. After all, you don’t want a murderous thought to cause the death of your neighbor just because the leaves from your neighbor’s tree fall onto your lawn, do you? Of course not. Neural implants will inhibit such things, perhaps inducing nausea whenever neurological indices indicate unacceptable levels of aggression. 

Question: Wouldn’t that turn everyone into passive drones? 

That is a negative characterization. Limits on aggressive, antisocial behavior are the hallmark of civilization, but the person will be permitted to become aggressive on certain occasions. For example, that same person who is prevented from killing his neighbor over errant leaves will be encouraged to become very aggressive when confronted with a refusenik who has no implants or if they run across a criminal using a Faraday hat to block their 5G signal. Don’t worry, the lamb will become a lion when the occasion warrants it. Every citizen’s behavior—whether peaceful or aggressive—will be prosocial. They will always do what is optimal for society. We will ensure that no one becomes a malcontent. 

 What about the freedom to choose?

 A person will not feel like they are doing something against their own will. They will be directed in such a way that they will not experience their decisions as an alien compulsion. We will make it rewarding to be connected to the whole. Pleasure and pain will be used judiciously to maintain harmonious relationships.  

But that sounds like slavery to me. 

A person is free when they think they are free, so we will give them the sense that what they do is what they want to do, as long as it benefits the whole. We will map every person’s brain to locate the areas that signal to that person that their efforts, their sacrifices, their pain, even their death, serve honorable goals. No one will feel insignificant, no matter their station in life. 

Orwell was right. You will convince people that slavery is freedom.

 Freedom, slavery; Potato, po-tah-to. With the help of AGI, we will give people a sense of meaning and purpose. If we put freedom into their heads, then they’re free. Their mental well-being is well-served and society gets the benefit. It’s a win-win. 

If it’s such a good thing, why are the people at the top exempt from such implants?

They demonstrate the highest levels of intelligence and vision.  They are the people who have brought about this perfect society without the prodding of an expert system. They are the people behind the expert systems that have led to this wonderful outcome. They are the true Alphas.