Oct. 24, 2020

Selling Slavery

A woman who was a child when Castro took over in Cuba recalled an incident at her school. While the children were in class, a small group of armed men from Castro’s guerrillas entered their classroom and told them to close their eyes and ask God for candy. Of course, when they opened their eyes, there was no candy. They then asked them to close their eyes and ask Castro for candy. When they opened their eyes, candy sat on top of their desks. The message? Castro was their new god.  

How do you enslave a people? You must remove their hope in anything but you as their comfort, security and survival. When you remove all hope in their God, in their culture and in their families, you can then condition them to hope only in the State. And that is slavery. 

The Democrats were the pro-slavery party 160 years ago. They still are.