Oct. 7, 2020

Shots Fired

Is the Portland Federal Courthouse the New Fort Sumter?

The city of Portland may be the first city in the US to have declared its secession from the Union by supporting the attackers on Portland’s Federal Courthouse, harkening back to the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter in 1861. Those on the Left would deny this and continue with their noxious lies claiming the opposite, that they are defending our country from a would-be dictator whose “storm troopers” provoked the “peaceful” protesters by preventing them from burning the Courthouse to the ground.

Their Democrat Confederate ancestors similarly claimed that Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant as an excuse to secede from the Union, sparking our first Civil War. Why do I say our first Civil War? Because I believe we are at the beginning of our second Civil War. The federal officers protecting federal property have been attacked by people using weapons designed to injure and maim them. Their injured are among the first casualties of this war on our democracy. 

The Democrat leadership in the House of Representatives, like the southern Democrats of 1861, have declared war on the Federal Government, as demonstrated by their premeditated and coordinated verbal attacks on the President and the Attorney General of the United States and by their support of the Antifa rioters who were hell-bent on burning down the Federal Courthouse in Portland.

The Democrats claim that the Executive branch is illegitimate. They also declare the Supreme Court is illegitimate because the President’s nominees pushed it in a more conservative direction. When you claim that two of the three branches of our government are illegitimate, you are declaring war on our country and on its democratic form of government. 

 This is a dream-come-true for Presidents Putin of Russia and Xiong of China. They see America as an impediment to their plans to dominate the world. The power to dominate others is the only measure that matters to Presidents Putin and Xiong. 

The power to dominate others is also the only measure that matters to the American Left. George Soros, Hillary Clinton, media moguls and Big Tech leaders believe in manipulative and coercive power. Their common enemy? American democracy and the American people. 

The first time the rule of law successfully asserted the rights of the less powerful and set limits on the more powerful occurred in 1215 when King John of England signed an agreement to make peace with the barons who opposed his rule. It was the first time a king was put under the law and not above it. It should be noted that the Archbishop of Canterbury drafted the agreement, so he must have been seen by opposing sides as a reliable mediator. That agreement is called the Magna Carta, one of the most important documents asserting the individual rights of “free men.” 

Five hundred years later, the Founders of the United States expanded the definition of “free men” to include white European males without any distinctions based on class, but they excluded women and slaves. In 1865, the Union’s victory ending the Civil War led to the expansion of the definition of “free men” to include former slaves. Ninety-nine years later, in 1964, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, explicitly including black Americans in the definition of “free men” whose rights were protected by  federal law. With regard to women, in 1920, Congress passed the 19thAmendment to the Constitution that gave women the right to vote after a century of struggle, expanding the definition of “free men” to include women. 

This history-in-a-nutshell account ought to tell us that expanding the definition “free men and women” to include all men and women of any color or ethnicity has progressed over the course of centuries. Coercive power has been curtailed and individual rights have been expanded. 

This is a Western democratic phenomenon exclusively. It is stillborn in the rest of the world. Our democratic republic has slowly but inexorably expanded the definition of “free men” to include all US citizens. This happened because we are a democratic republic in which the rule of law has been enforced by our executive branch as defined by statute and overseen by an independent Supreme Court. Courageous citizens willing to defend the rights of the individual are able to advocate for change without complete suppression by an autocratic government. If the executive branch overreaches, the Supreme Court or the Congress can push back, referring to our Constitution, statutes and to previous decisions in like situations. 

The American Constitution is an amazing document that was written by flawed men who knew that power hungry men needed limits placed on them by other power hungry men. Each of the three branch’s power could be checked (limited) by the other branches using Constitutional law as the foundation arguing for those limits. These structures helped manage conflict and also provided for a non-violent transfer of power through elections. 

The amendment process was a lumbering and frustrating process but it produced more stable changes when written into Constitutional law than any other method in the world. 

Our constitutional, democratic republic is seriously threatened by the far left. They defy our laws, incite riots and looting, attack our police and and undermine every institution that supports America as a nation of laws. They would love to provoke a civil war. Let us work hard to prevent them from succeeding.