The Zero Sum Game

Oct. 4, 2020



The Lawlessness of the Left

Leftists believe in the power of “woke”humans to fashion the world as they see fit. Since they put themselves at the top of this “woke” mass of humanity, they believe they are best suited to lead the less “woke” masses, by hook or crook, towards this end. What distinguishes them from any other tyrants we have seen in history? Nothing. 

The difference between the tyrants of the past and the emerging Democrat Party’s leadership is in the rhetoric and its response to the emerging wealth of the middle class and, most recently, its response to the emerging wealth of the lower classes since President Trump entered office. 

The Left’s most vocal leaders, the media darlings, are driven by a delusional ideology that believes in the power of imperfect humans to be perfected in the image of their delusions of grandeur, which is the Utopian false God of the socialist state.

Who are the real power brokers behind the chanting and ranting people on the streets? The super rich. On its face, this may sound absurd. After all, aren’t the rich the object of the Left’s hatred? Aren’t they the epitome of greedy, unfettered Capitalism? Yes they are. The super rich have always strained against any restrictions on their power to make money and to leverage that money to gain more money and the power that money can buy. 

The desire to have power over others drives the Left and the super rich to join together in a mutually beneficial relationship. They both want more power. Both groups are firm believers in a zero-sum universe. The zero-sum game can be described thusly. All matter is finite. If matter is gained in one place, there is another place that has less. The matter has been distributed unevenly. This is a simple idea and seems to make sense. Every hole in the ground has a pile of dirt taken out and put somewhere else. 

For a leftist, this means that if someone acquires money and another does not, the money has been distributed unevenly and, morally speaking, wrongly. After all, if I have more money and someone has less, it must mean that I have taken it from them, right? 

The zero-sum game is played by both the super rich and the Left. The super rich are threatened by those who insist that rules of conduct need to be followed and that, at least in the US, those rules should be rooted in our Constitution. Their teams of lawyers and lobbyists have bent those rules to such an extent that there is no longer much, if any, connection between the Constitution’s founding principals and the rules used to conduct the business of large, multinational companies today. 

The Left is driven by envy for those who have more money and power, unless it is those who are happy to fund their organizations.  The super rich are very intelligent sociopaths. Leftist leaders are also sociopathic but have a deep-seated need to believe their sociopathy serves a higher purpose, which is to engage in class warfare until the coming of the Socialist Utopia. 

 Both groups have contempt for the masses who they believe are unwitting tools of whatever ideology is preached to them. So far, it looks like they are right.