Sep. 10, 2020

The End of Freedom


Leftists pride themselves on their forward-looking perspective and would like national sovereignty done away with, to be replaced by a world-governing body like the UN, but with coercive power superseding nations. They decry imperialism but want the world to submit to their well-intentioned totalitarianism. They are the ultimate imperialists in that they want to control everyone everywhere. A one-world government that refuses to accept national boundaries is an invasion force, not a government of the people, by the people or for the people. This may not seem to be much of a change for those under the thumb of authoritarian regimes, but for the people of democracies, this would be abandoning freedom for slavery. 

The Democrat Party’s refusal to protect our borders makes sense in light of this. The Leftists in the Democrat Party must weaken our nation to achieve their internationalist agenda. The attacks on Trump are tactics organized around that larger strategy. The comrades of the Left believe that the world must progress ever upward towards Utopia, a “historical imperative” they believe in, being good Neo-Marxists. The true-believers of the Left are clueless stooges who are being funded by elitist multi-billionaires like George Soros. The elitists have only one belief and that is in their superiority to everyone else. They believe in a Darwinian pecking order with themselves at the top.

The United States started out with an ideal when it accepted the notion that ”all men are created equal.” This means, at least in principal, if not in practice, that a person, no matter his ethnic or religious background, is of equal worth in the eyes of God. This inclusiveness is a part of our national foundation. Our history as a nation illustrates how imperfectly we have practiced that foundational principle. For example, in the 1800s Democrats attempted to eradicate this principle, which led to our Civil War, which became a fight to abolish slavery. Today they hope to eradicate the idea that all men are created equal and replace it with “all comrades are equal” while everyone else is an enemy of the State. They still like slavery and want to enslave everyone who hasn’t reached their level of superiority and kill anyone who resists their imperative. Instead of drinking Mint Juleps on the veranda, overlooking the slaves picking cotton, their view will be from a palatial balcony looking down at a million comrades clapping with hands held high in fearful supplication.

The Left has accused President Trump of racism whenever he says he is proud to be an American and they claim that MAGA is a racist slogan. Mr. Trump’s policies and practices contradict that assertion. He may be the most inclusive president America has ever seen. Who does Mr. Trump include as an American? Anybody who loves our country, no matter their racial, ethnic, religious or sexual orientation. 

President Trump championed prison reform. The bill that his administration put together has begun to ameliorate the toxic overreach of prosecutors and judges made possible by the Democrat Clinton White House in the ‘90s. The policies enacted during the Clinton years led to the largest disproportionate incarceration of minorities in our nation’s history. In addition to prison reform, President Trump’s economic policies have led to the lowest unemployment rates for blacks and Latinos in history. 

Trump’s policies demonstrate that his administration is inclusive and welcomes all Americans to benefit from participation as citizens. Yes, his language is sometimes rough, unconsidered and inconsiderate. Yes, he repeats himself and he can wander off-target when he is not on-script. But his flaws are the reason many find him refreshing. Bluntness has never been popular in our nation’s Capitol. 

The Left thinks this imperfect man who is unable to keep his opinions in check must have a monstrous side based on what we have already seen. In the Leftist world of political double-speak a person cloaks every horrible intent behind a facade of progressive phrases. For example, Family Planning instead of abortion, a woman’s right to choose instead of a license to kill. Euthanasia instead of murder. Trump has no polish and whatever he says pretty much tells us upfront what his attitudes are. There are no secret handshakes or knowing winks to a cabal of right-wing fanatics. 

Trump has been calling the killing of the newly-born murder. The Left insists that murder is an inflammatory word. For the Left words are magical. The label is the thing. Change the definition and—poof!—the thing becomes whatever we want to call it. The absurdity of this is plain to see in the ever expanding lexicon of gender pronouns. 

Trump is good at plain-speak, not at double-speak. The Left refers to dog whistles when Trump uses a world like “nationalism.” He’s talking to his base of white supremacists, they say. No, he is not. He is talking to everyone who is proud to be an American, no matter their skin color or ethnic background. No dog whistles, no double-speak, just an appeal to American patriotism and American sovereignty.