Do As We Say But Not As We Do

Mar. 14, 2020

     Pay attention to what the Silicon Valley elites do as parents and to how and where they live if you want to find out whether they follow the same advice they give to the rest of us. 

    They tell us that school vouchers are racist but send their kids to predominantly white private schools. Do they want to keep the great unwashed from attending those schools and rubbing elbows with the elites’ children?

    They are against walls at our nation’s borders but live in walled communities. Apparently, all poor people look alike to them no matter where they come from or their color. 

    They sell their high tech gadgets to “smelly Walmart people,” hoping to hook them on the latest games or apps but refuse to let their own kids use them because they know smartphones and social media are highly addictive life-wasters. They want their kids to be in control, not under the control of gadgets designed to turn them into drooling, button-pushing idiots. 

     We are rubes and they’re fleecing us like we’re sheep.