Progressive Regression

Dec. 28, 2019

If you’ve been paying attention to the way the Left is framing its “resistance” to Donald Trump’s Presidency, you probably noticed they are lying about him in order to regain power by any means necessary. Their lies about Mr. Trump are designed to provoke fear and hatred of him and anyone who dares to defend him. 

The Democrats have a long history of fear mongering. For example, for over one hundred years after the Civil War, the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party, the KKK, could stir up a mob of white people to murder a black man based solely on some white woman’s claim that he looked at her with bad intentions.

The Democrats used fear mongering when Clarence Thomas was being confirmed for the Supreme Court. Democrats accusing an innocent black man of dishonorable intentions sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But bearing false witness is not confined to white racists accusing innocent black men.

Senate Democrats recently used the same tactic on Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Democrat Senator Hirono from Hawaii told us to “believe the woman” without one shred of evidence. Stirring up the mob to destroy someone’s life is at least as old as the KKK.  Currently, baseless accusations are at the foundation of the claims of presidential malfeasance in the House Democrats’ theater of the absurd, the impeachment hearings. The Dems in the House are abusing power in what looks to be an attempted coup.  

Slavery is the ultimate example of the abuse of power. It is the institutionalized abuse of the absolute power one person has over another. The slave owner can direct his slave’s activity using any means he deems necessary, work him to death, or kill him if he resists. While racism is associated with slavery in this country, slavery is about forcing someone to work for you under the threat of harm if they refuse, no matter their ethnicity or their race. The well-known story from Exodus about the Israelites escaping Pharaoh’s bondage tells us that slavery is a longstanding practice. One reason so many Jews fought for Civil Rights alongside their black brothers and sisters in the 1960s was their own history of bondage under Pharaoh in ancient Egypt. 

 It is clear that people who love to control the lives of others without their consent have been doing so for a long time. It has been more the rule than the exception. In the US, the notion of a God-given right to liberty is unique. Thus the term, American exceptionalism.

 Leftist Democrats tell us our country is no better than other countries and maybe worse. While it is true that our people are individually no better than people elsewhere, our form of government is better—not perfect, but better. It is our adherence to the rule of law established in our Constitution that makes America unique. Other countries’ constitutions may look good on paper but are so much window dressing. 

Central to the lumbering and imperfect attempts of flawed human beings to follow the law in our constitutional republic is the consent of the governed. Every four years we have a bloodless way to change the direction our country is going. The Democrats are ignoring the Constitution even as they invoke its name to defend their lawless attempts to remove our president from power. They do not want to share power. They want to take power and keep it forever. Their thinking goes something like this. Since they are the party of progress, and who doesn’t like progress, they need the power to keep the yahoos and deplorables from slowing that progress. They want a one-party system, or a dictatorship of the proletariat, as their communist forebears claim to have had.

 Leftists tell us that a centralized totalitarian government will improve our lives. They ask us to ignore past attempts to create a workers’ paradise that ended in the mass murder of a 100 million people during the last century. This time, they say, the Left will get it right. This time those in power will not be corrupted by the power they have. Depend on our goodwill, they say. You can depend upon us to do the right thing, they say. Well, whether it’s a leftist pushing utopia or a dealer pushing heroin, fostering dependence is a tool of oppression that turns a person into a slave. 

The very wealthy people around the world see the mass of humanity much like Thanos does in the Avengers: End Game movie. In the movie the monster Thanos seeks a way to murder half of the humans in the galaxy. After defeating the Avengers, he gains the power to make humans winners or losers in a cosmic death lottery. The movie ends with Thanos successfully murdering trillions of humans, then retiring to his hammock to gaze at a beautiful sunset, sighing with satisfaction at a job well done. The endgame of the monsters on the Left—those narcissists and criminal sociopaths—is to gain absolute power over everyone else. They use their intelligence for only one purpose—to enslave all those they deem inferior and to destroy those who resist. 

 The message of the movie and of the elites? Somebody has to convince, coerce or kill most of us so a few worthy souls can carry on. There are just too many humans on the planet for the elites and their high-end tech support to bother with. 

 Many of the people who say they know better believe that around 250 million people worldwide is humanity’s ideal population limit.* That is less than four percent of the world’s current population of 7.1 billion people. In a random lottery each person now living would have about a four percent chance of surviving the next “Great Leap Forward,” to borrow Mao’s euphemism for social upheaval and mass murder. Of course, it won’t be a random lottery. The four percent already know who they are—the elites themselves and their slavish help. The rest of us? Fertilizer. Recycling is always a good thing.  

The elites are the world’s biggest polluters and are intent on keeping at it. They want to keep all of their homes, yachts and private islands. They figure that, if they get rid of 96 percent of humanity, their gargantuan carbon footprints will have little or no effect on the environment. That is why they can lecture the rest of us about wasteful consumption as they fly the world over in their private jets without batting an eye. They believe that they deserve more stuff than the rest of us. Doesn’t their wealth and power prove they are superior?

 Is it possible that the good people who want to run the world and to control the rest of us, perhaps to kill us, do it for their good, not ours? 

 * Guidestones