Dec. 8, 2019

Dem Dumb Rules

Why are so many blacks are leaving the Democrat Party? 

For years, black people, especially poor black people, have been sold the narrative that they are excluded from the American Dream. The Dems have told them that for them a life of subsistence is the highest goal they can achieve. When some folks complain about this, the Dems bring out their straw man, the Republican Party, and say it could be worse. Look at those racists over there, especially that man with the orange hair.

Blacks who want to escape poverty under such a system are limited by the rules the Dems have made up. 

Rule # 1. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. In other words, you better vote Democratic if you want to survive in a dangerous world. There is no up and out. 

Rule # 2. Say only bad things about the Enemy. You will move up the Progressive ladder if you hate the right people. You must shout slogans and carry signs designed to replace thought with chants, screams, and threats. 

Rule # 3. Never listen to anyone who does not shout slogans and carry signs like yours. The other side unfairly asks you to think. You’re not able to think, so stop trying. Just keep shouting. That’s a good boy. 

Rule # 4. Always kick the dog, who is you. After being deliberately and systematically dumbed down by a public school system that is designed to keep you clueless, take the nameless rage produced by a steady diet of despair and riot in your own community. You are the kicker and the dog getting kicked.

Rule # 5. Pretend these rules don’t exist. That Leftist jackass in the living room? You don’t see it. 

The progressive Dems know that an uneducated people will not see through the smoke and mirrors of false promises. and they are not content to confine resentment, despair and ignorance to the inner city. They have been democratizing resentment, despair and ignorance by making it the curriculum of higher education. Their answer to some people being in bondage is not to lend a hand but to put everyone in bondage.  Except themselves, of course. 

Unfortunately for the Dems, more and more blacks have escaped from the Democrat Plantation. The escapees see that the Dems are quick to ensnare undocumented immigrants as their replacements. Then what was their worth to the Dems? Only their votes gotten by false election-day promises. As fast as they escape, a brown body is ready to take their place.