Oct. 28, 2019

Dems and Good Intentions

Minorities and Their Frenemy Dems

Lyndon Johnson, through his Great Society Act in the 1960s, enticed or compelled poor blacks into accepting a dependency on the Federal government’s cheese in order to survive. It was a Faustian bargain. You never win in the long run if you make a deal with the Devil, the Devil being the guiding force behind many white liberal policies toward blacks in particular and minorities in general. 

Do-goodism is a mainstay of liberal and leftist philosophy. But, like Dennis Prager said in one of his Prager U videos, the doing-good of liberals is mainly designed to make themselves feel good, not to actually do good. Thus, they are not ones to waste time looking at the outcomes of their programs. For them, intention is everything. Thus, we have failing cities run into the ground because of fifty years of Democrat control. Liberals are more attached to self-image and election-time dog and pony shows than to genuinely positive outcomes.  

An honest Liberal of the last century, Daniel Moynihan, was dismayed to find that one outcome of welfare programs was the destruction of the black family. He sounded his warning but it fell on deaf ears. How dare he examine outcomes? Intentions are all that matters. Many decades later, we see what looks like a permanent underclass in inner cities created by liberal policies. The same people who made the problem worse are now desperately trying to convince their victims that they have the cure for the disease they caused. If cancer had a brain, I imagine it would tell the healthy tissue it was destroying that it was the remedy for, not the cause of, its destruction. 

The infection of leftist ideology is evident in many of the people escaping from failing states like California. They flee from those places because of impossible conditions created by leftist policies and then vote for leftists in their adopted states who will run their newfound communities into the ground. Liberals have cashed in their brains for mindless slogans and false promises. This is what the Zombie Apocalypse looks like, the triumph of feeling good over doing good.