The End of the Republic

Sep. 14, 2020

The American experiment in democracy may be ending soon. Predators inside and outside our country are doing their best to destroy our form of government, gut our economy and turn the US into a failed state. These predators may not agree on what will replace our faltering democracy, but they all have one thing in common. They want more power to control other people’s lives. Our country’s institutions and its faltering constitutional republic stand in their way. 

Similar predators did their best to destroy our country in 1861 when they seceded from the Union in order to keep their slaves. Back then, Abraham Lincoln led the fight to end slavery and to prevent the dismantling of our country. Our democracy held these predators in check for an additional hundred-fifty years. But now our government has been taken over by power-mongering opportunists who do not believe in our Constitution. 

Career politicians have long  pretended to work for the people who elected them but most of them actually work for lobbyists and big donors so they can dispense favors in exchange for monetary gain. Their corruption is now so great that they would rather see America burn to the ground than be found guilty of stealing our country’s wealth. They feel entitled to squander America’s prosperity in exchange for providing false hope and empty promises to the American people. Calling these office-holders corrupt is polite way of saying they are criminals. 

Those who have sounded the warning about corruption and anti-democratic influences in the US government are scoffed at for spinning conspiracy theories. President Trump, for example, was ridiculed for saying his phones were being tapped by the very people who were tapping them. 

In the last century Presidents Reagan and Eisenhower warned us of the corruption eating at us from within. Their warnings fell on deaf ears. Because of that we are now in a conflict that is fracturing our nation. 

Much like they did in 1861, the Democrats are instigating a violent civil conflict to oppose our duly elected president. If they win the presidency in November, they will continue to dismantle our civil liberties and turn our country into a failed state like Venezuela. And If they lose in November, they will foment more violence and try to spark a civil war.  

What are the differences between 1861 and 2020? Today, western civilization is one nuclear-button-push, one WMD and one weaponized virus away from collapse. Using just one infamous example, the CCP virus has further destabilized western democracies that were already losing ground to the encroachment of radical Islam. If the CCP’s release of COVID-19  is a trial run, we may be in for mass murder on a scale that makes the twentieth century pale by comparison. 

Other differences between the world of 1861 and the present are the mechanics of distributing food, goods and services. We have gotten adept at transporting massive amounts of goods across oceans at a level of efficiency that would have astounded people even fifty years ago. Although this is an amazing accomplishment, the large volume and complexity of overseas commerce means that it’s fragile and easily disrupted. 

For example, the US sent most of its pharmaceutical manufacturing to China, leaving millions of Americans who need life-saving drugs at China’s mercy. When the supply chain was disrupted, many people saw the potential disaster in trusting a  sworn enemy of freedom to act in good faith. Unfortunately, Big Pharma is still not much concerned about America’s vulnerability to Chinese malevolence. 

Except for the wealthiest people and their sycophantic entourages who want to sit at the foot of their table, most people in the developed world are only a couple of weeks from starvation if the world’s food distribution systems are disrupted. And for many who rely on pharmaceuticals to survive, the likelihood of death may be within hours or even minutes if supply chains are disrupted.

The interdependence of the world has been touted as a good thing by organizations like the WTO and those at the top of the food chain. I call it the “why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along?” approach to international relationships. It is based on the spurious belief that we can befriend hostile actors and change their behavior through appeasement. Appeasement does not encourage an enemy to disarm when you make yourself defenseless. It encourages them to demand more concessions. 

Appeasement has been the West’s approach to China for decades. When China entered into world trade on a large scale, people assumed that receiving the benefits of trade and increased wealth would lead China’s leaders to move in the direction of a free market economy. Indeed, when China began to allow its state-controlled companies to compete and to expand into international markets, leaders in the West naively thought that was the beginning of a sea-change. 

How completely wrong they were. The communist gangsters were too greedy and too afraid of losing power to allow China to develop a genuinely free market economy. We see this playing out in their relationship with Hong Kong. Rather than allow Hong Kong to exist semi-autonomously in order to provide the benefits of an Asian version of Switzerland, they are intent on killing the golden goose. 

Perhaps the hard-liners in the CCP are aghast at the rife corruption in their leadership and desire a return to a more austere society, but I doubt it. True believers may exist at lower levels of the communist hierarchy, but the top guys are steeped in corruption. 

Totalitarian ideologies agree with highly intelligent criminal sociopaths.  Brilliant criminals like George Soros have ascended to the top of a worldwide pyramid scheme. While undermining western democracies, such people have built billion-dollar bunkers to ride out the storm they created.

We have given great power to those who are using it to devastate the world. Their power-grab was incremental and easy to ignore. It was a decades-long white collar swindle committed by like-minded individuals who quietly weakened the foundations of our nation over many decades.  Deliberately teaching our young to hate our national origins, denigrating our institutions and omitting the most basic information about the workings of our democratic republic have turned many of our young people into unthinking tools of demolition, not into functional citizens of a constitutional democracy. 

Almost every school, from Kindergarten to University, has been taken over by Neo-Marxists who want to eliminate the “deplorables.” Who are those deplorables?  Most of the people on the planet, not just the “smelly Walmart people” referred to with contempt by one of the elite’s henchmen.

Our democracy is in a fight for its life and the outcome is uncertain. All who love the intent of our founding fathers when they declared that “all men are created equal” must stand together and fight against this emerging tyranny. As Benjamin Franklin said on July 2nd 1776 when he persuaded his fellow rebels to sign the Declaration of Independence, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Before we can fulfill the campaign promise to “Keep America Great,” we need to keep America alive.