May. 29, 2019

The Value of a Free Education

   Although the following reason may not have been considered by the Left, I believe it may be the best reason for providing a free college education to all. After getting a job as a barista,  a liberal arts graduate understands how much their education is worth--nothing. Majoring in Beer Pong and Marijuana 101 should not cost a person over $100,000. A worthless education should be a free education. 

    But the the Left is wrong to force taxpayers to pay for this. Should everyone pay for the State to indoctrinate our young people into willful stupidity and drug-induced passivity? 

   The Left and the University (Sorry, I repeat myself) have aligned themselves with the vanguards of willful stupidity. These young people in black hoodies attack speakers coming to their campuses who might provide something of genuine value--a real education.

   The University has discovered that the Socialist State will provide it with the money to fill its coffers as long as it teaches what the State dictates. This is a variant of crony capitalism. Mussolini had a word for it: Fascism. Hitler called it National Socialism. Stalin and Mao dispensed with the cronies and the Communist State murdered or "re-educated" over a hundred million people in the name of Progress.  

   The Leftist elites believe you can never overestimate the venality of the State or underestimate the stupidity of the masses. 

   Let us hope they are wrong.