May. 10, 2019

Socialist Gardening

Weeding the Garden

Two major strains of humanity have been in conflict for thousands of years--wolves and sheep. They once were unrelated but after countless generations are now so intertwined that even those who identify themselves as sheep are quite capable of wolf-like behavior under duress and those who identify as wolves act occasionally like sheep. (Only Jesus, the Lamb of God, was without the taint of a wolf-like nature.)

The most successful elites tend to be wolf-like. Their competitions with one another are intentially ruinous and sometimes deadly. They are dismayed when their children are sometimes sheep, but all that prior intertwining makes it impossible to predict whether a sheep or a wolf will be born to any family.

Many of these wolf-like elites see socialism as a way to domesticate the herd and to cull defectives from the masses. Like Margaret Sanger, they want to weed the garden. Plucking weeds is a more pleasant image than mass murder, but mass murder is their goal.

Currently, it is vital to the wolves' success that they incite the masses to hate white Europeans. If enough hatred can be generated, European civilization will be destroyed. But that is not the endgame. The Elites see most of the human race as a labor pool at best or, at worst, as an impediment to a glorious future with a much-reduced human population. They also see themselves as saviors of humanity, not as mass murderers.

Al Gore believes he is helping to save humanity when he aspires to the ruthless and brutal population control policies of communist China and considers using similar tactics in the United States.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes her "Green New Deal" will save the planet from destruction. She is too young, naive and unreflective to see she is ushering in another Holocaust.

According to the Leftist Elites, murdering the unborn and even the newly born is a humanity-saving act to be admired, not condemned. This is much like the thinking of the Nazis who saw themselves as purifiers, not as mass murderers.

In the Utopian Socialist future, the masses will be given equal access to the feedlots of socialism. Those who are a bit more wolf-like will either be culled, or promoted, if their treacherous behavior is coupled with cringing deference to those in charge. Who knows, informing on other members of the herd may help them move into the lower realms of wolfdom.

A future socialist utopia will not usher in Heaven on earth, but Hell.