Apr. 2, 2019

Soros and His Minions

Avanatti, the "creepy porn lawyer"--a description coined by Tucker Carlson--is probably on his way to prison for attempting to extort millions of dollars from Nike and for stealing over a million from a client. One of the Left's darlings has been hoisted with his own petard.

Avanatti's criminally arrogant overreach is not unique. His self-absorbed grandiosity is the stuff of dictators, criminals, hedge fund manipulators and corrupt politicians.

Let's play a game like fantasy football, which I call the Imaginary Sociopathic Olympics, or ISO, for short. In the ISO competitions Venezuela's communist dictator Maduro wins in three categories--he is a dictator, a criminal and a corrupt politician--receiving silver. Adam Schiff gets a bronze medal for being a criminal and a corrupt politician.

Avenatti, despite his notoriety, wins only in the criminal category, keeping him off the podium. Getting caught trying to extort money from one of largest corporations in the world puts him in the stupid criminal category.

On the other hand, the billionaire George Soros, based on his masterful criminality in gaining his fortune and on his strategic use of that fortune to undermine and topple governments, is the unsung winner in all four categories. As a man under threat of arrest by a couple of European countries for financial crimes, he wins the criminal category. He manipulates currency for fun and profit so he wins the hedge-fund category. Of course, Soros is not a corrupt politician or dictator, but why be a corrupt politician when you can buy one? And why be a dictator when you can own one? 

Some think that Soros is in a class all his own and should not be compared to Maduro, Schiff and Avanatti. Based his own stratospheric opinion of himself, Soros must certainly think so. In the grand future of his imagination, Soros might consider making Maduro the governor of some outlying province. Schiff, as head of a future secret police, would excel at charging people with non-existent crimes, and Avanatti would find them all guilty as the presiding judge of a kangaroo court.