Mar. 9, 2019

White Era 101

Those who have the "big picture" see our Western democracies as quaint, transitional states that will be studied by the enlightened students of a future progressive utopia the way we might study ancient Greece or Rome. The following is a future college professor explaining the syllabus for a course on the first day of class.

"For those who might have wandered in here by accident, the name of this course is The White Era 101. You will hear some shocking things so I am compelled to give you a trigger warning. If you are willing to endure talking about past horrors, then stay.

"What did people believe in back then? Many of them actually believed some ideas were better than others. Christians, for example, believed in a god and a thing they called truth. I know how ridiculous that sounds to us, but it's a fact. At this stage of human development we have rid ourselves of such delusions.

"Who needs a god when we have Sophia, the Grand Agi (ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE)? I expect that you've heard rumors that some have claimed She is our Goddess. No, She is Sophia, the Grand Agi, the Ultimate Analyst. A Goddess? That's a regressive characterization. Those who think that need their implants tweaked."