Jan. 25, 2019


Socialism is an ostensible attempt to lessen the material suffering of the majority of people by preventing a small number of ostensibly greedy people from stealing what is produced by that majority. According to socialists, property is theft. This is a nice slogan for a protest sign, but what does it mean in practice?  

On its face, forcibly distributing wealth more equitably seems like a good and just goal. No attempt at this has ever worked but that does not deter those who wish for an earthly utopia. The bloody failures of the USSR, China, Cuba and Venezuela are not counted by the True Believers. They say these are not examples of socialism but of deviations from socialism. A purer form of socialism is just around the corner, they say, one that will succeed gloriously. 

Our younger people in the US are attracted to socialist ideas. Many colleges teach students to believe all of the “victims” of European oppressors. As defined by post-modern socialists, a victim is anyone who is not European and not white. Clueless college students mindlessly echo the views of their leftist teachers. These children of privilege must confess to their sins and wholeheartedly endorse leftist ideologies or be shunned, verbally abused and even physically attacked by the mindless authoritarians of the left.  

What makes socialism attractive? Young people like simplistic explanations and socialism’s oppressor/victim division is as simple as it gets, although the iterations of these either/or, oppressor/victim categorization are endless for victims.  

What makes being a victim attractive? If my condition is the result of oppression, then everything I do is to be excused. It is always someone else’s fault. Even when I do wrong it’s okay because everything I do results from my oppression. 

Hitler mobilized average Germans by calling them victims of the western democracies and the Jews. That did not end well and the left’s attempts to similarly encourage seething resentment will also end badly. Hitler’s racist doctrines and the Nazis' attempt to annihilate all they deemed inferior to Hitler’s mythical Aryan ideal are very similar to the ideology of the left today in one catastrophic way. If a person agrees with the Party he or she can be excused anything done to advance the cause—mass murderers will get medals. Lots of medals will be passed out on the way to Hell.