Nov. 14, 2018


Dinesh D'Souza's poster for his movie "Death of a Nation"  shows Trump's and Lincoln's faces melded together. To many people, trying to place Trump on the same level as Lincoln is sacriligious. After all, Lincoln is our national Saint. Clearly, Trump is no saint.

Lincoln's deeply held convictions about slavery got him into the White House and into the Civil War. On the other hand, Trump's deeply held beliefs about his way of getting things done--his way or the highway--puts us on the brink of open civil war today, or so we are told.

Let me be clear, Trump is not the cause of our national illness. He is simply incapable of mincing his words when he gives an accurate diagnosis.

Trump is a lot like a doctor your friend swears by. Your friend says to ignore his terrible bedside manner but to trust his ability. So you let him treat you. And you not only survive your illness, but feel better than you have in years. So you tell your friends and they abandon their old doctors to seek treatment from him.

Losing so many patients threatens to result in financial loss, so the other doctors band together and accuse him of malpractice. They claim he will kill his patients. The resulting bad publicity causes people to steer clear.

The person who gives our country the right diagnosis--Donald Trump--is a lot like the doctor whose skeptical patient wants a second opinion and gets "and you're ugly!" Mr. Trump Tweets his second, third and fourth opinions and they pretty much say to his critics "AND your UGLY. SO sad."

Having an orange-haired cross between Don Rickles and Rodney Dangerfield in the Whitehouse is not what Americans expected. But, hate to say it, his diagnosis was correct and his treatment is working beyond expectation.