Nov. 10, 2018

Elitists believe that an expert class can run things without the consent of the governed. The elitists who head up the Democratic Party have never believed in the rule of law nor in our democratic Republic. They do not believe in the consent of the governed.

Elections are like street theater to the Democrat elites. Every couple of years they must prop up what they believe is the illusion of democracy and freedom in order to keep power. Afterwards, they return to their rarified world of power and opulence, treating their constituents with malign neglect.

Dinesh D'Souza says that the Democrats became the party of civil rights, not as a matter of conscience, but as a matter of tactics. He is absolutely right. The elites do not want the "will of the people" to have any more impact than choosing a TV show. A thinking citizen is a dangerous person to the elites. Only their ideas are valid. They see the mass of humanity statistically, not personally. A person thinks and has opinions, while the masses are points on a chart.

The young black men killing each other in our inner cities are victims of this war on freedom. After systematically destroying the black community for a half-century, the elites now hope to manipulate angry young black men made clueless by a terrible education system into turning their rage on those whose ancestors bled and died for their freedom. The implicit message to those who genuinely want them to become fully functional citizens? We still own them. Keep away from the chattel. We once owned their bodies; today we own their souls. It must make Democrat elites proud to enlist the descendants of their former slaves to enforce their continued slavery.

The killing fields of Chicago are an example of black people unwittingly being encouraged to kill each other. These homicides are a form of racial suicide the Democrats have never genuinely discouraged. This and abortion avoid the future cost of relocating poor blacks to the concentration camps we call prisons. That is why Hillary Clinton, who knows full-well the racist sentiments of Margaret Sanger, can call her a visionary. Believe in the sanctity of life or the worth of each person? What a terrible idea! Perish the thought! Better yet, perish the person!

After the midterm elections, the elites are encouraging election fraud. Someone in the mass of humanity actually believes in freedom? And it's not the freedom to watch anything they want on TV? Or the freedom to smoke weed? It's the right to participate fully as a valued citizen? To have genuinely equal opportunity? Perish the thought, perish the person!

The power elites' tactics epitomize the phrase "any means to an end." A nation of laws? Only if those laws are convenient.