The Nation's Future

Oct. 12, 2018

Back when Clarence Thomas was maligned and excoriated by Democrats on his way to the Supreme Court, he characterized the hearings as a high-tech lynching. If unsubstantiated accusations are the basis for destroying the lives of those accused, the Democratic Party has not changed its tactics since the day a black man could be falsely accused of a crime and lynched. That was what Thomas was referring to. Justice Bret Kavanaugh has experienced what Justice Thomas once did. Although the color of the person’s skin has changed, the tactics of Democrats are identical.

The Democrats are adept at inciting people to respond with mindless violence in order to achieve their ends. If our country goes in the direction the Dems want it to, our democracy will devolve into mob rule and accusations will have the power to convict anyone of anything.

Make no mistake about it, the Dems do not want people to live in freedom. They want a pacified population of drones who will accept its propaganda. Much like the abusive executive who says to his subordinate, “If I want your opinion, I’ll tell you what it is,” the Left will tell you what to think and use the power of the State to terrorize you into submission.

The Senate vote on Kavanaugh is more than a vote about one man. It’s a vote on whether we are a people governed by laws or people governed by fear and hatred. The Midterm elections in November are a referendum on our country’s future. Do we want the USA to reach more closely to the ideals our Founding Fathers dreamed of, or do we want to become another failed socialist state like Venezuela?