Sep. 18, 2018

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Dinesh D’Souza’s “Death of a Nation”

lf you want a fearlessly honest view of our history as a nation and how it applies to current conflicts between conservatives and progressives, “Death of a Nation” is the movie to see. D’Souza gives us an incisive look at the inconvenient truth of the Democratic Party going back to pre-Civil War days.

According to D’Souza, the Democratic Party was racist then and is still, but in a more insidious, seemingly benevolent way. Liberals have been telling blacks that only Democrats can protect them from those evil Republicans who want to return to Jim Crow. The truth is that the Democratic Party was the party of Jim Crow, not the Republicans. The movie turns this and other Democrat falsehoods upside-down.

If you look more closely at today's urbanized Democratic Party, you see fifty years of failure to help the black community. For all the talk of lifting people up, the Democrats continue to oppress them by trading their subsistence for their votes. “Let’s keep them alive so they can be trotted out every four years to vote for us and then send them packing back to the planta...uh...inner city. We can only keep them voting Democratic if we keep them herded together in mind and body. Why, if they move on up and out, they might vote Republican! Perish the thought!"

Liberal policies have led to the decimation of black families and to fatherless children. The failure of liberal policies ought to have led Democrats to change them, right? Unfortunately, no. If you peel away the so-called good intentions of liberals and their offspring, the progressives, what you find is the persistence of a view of themselves that is completely unsupported by the history of their own party. Liberals believe they are on the side of the angels. Actually, they think they are the angels. Democrats are not the angels.

"Death of a Nation" is thought-provoking, so I think you will walk out of the theater with lots of questions. Of note, Hollywood reviewers gave it a zero on Rotten Tomatoes while it received 90 percent favorable reviews from its audience. Also of note, no reviewer contradicted the facts presented. They were unable to because D'Souza is not a propagandist (or a liar).

The following is my take-away from watching the movie.

1.The Democratic Party believes so much in its infallability that it must villify anyone who disagrees with its policies.
2. Progressives are fascists in liberal clothing. They promote abortion mostly in poor neighborhoods, mostly in black neighborhoods. They would much rather that you volunteer to terminate your progeny than have them thrown in prison a couple of decades later. To them, an ounce of prevention is worth six pounds of baby. Theirs is a kinder, gentler "Final Solution."
3. A nation led by godly people, though beset with trials and tribulations, can overcome even against overwhelming odds, but only with courage and sacrifice.
4. National interest is not the sum total of individual self-interest. Servant leaders, those who give of themselves without taking from others, can redeem our nation.
5. Vigilance is required to keep evil people from enacting their "Final Solution."
6. Bernie Sanders is the kind, grandfatherly face of another Holocaust.
7. Stalin and Hitler were kindred spirits and their enmity for one another was not ideological. Each wanted to be the last tyrant standing.
8. Many of those in power see the rest of us only as a means to their ends. People who see others only as means to an end will discard them when that end is achieved.
9. Without belief in the sanctity of human life, anything becomes possible.
10. Evil is not about race. It's about being human. None is good. No, not even one. Only God is good. Only Jesus the incarnate Son of God was good.
11. Our Constitution was founded on the above biblical truth. We abandon that at the peril of ourselves, our country and those around the world who have looked to America as a beacon of hope.