Political Malcontents

Sep. 10, 2018

It is common for Fox News pundits to dismiss Antifa members as developmentally arrested dweebs still living in their parents' basements after graduating summa cum laude with BAs in Gender Studies.

There were those in Germany in the early nineteen-thirties who thought the Nazis were loudmouth clowns--until they weren't clowns anymore.

It is the infantile children brought up to feel entitled without effort who will run the American gulags and decide the fates of those who don't spout the party line. 

It ought not be surprising that young people brought up to be more self-centered than any previous generation in American history would want something for nothing.

Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am." Too many young people today say, "I breathe, therefore I am." These unfortunate souls will be cannon fodder on the "Great Leap Forward" into the next Holocaust.