Aug. 28, 2018


In the Old Testament we witness an array of flawed people. Some of them, sinful as they might be, did things that can only be explained by the grace of God working in them. David, for example, having murdered his lover’s husband, was going in a terrible direction.

David paid a terrible price for it by losing the first child of his ungodly marriage to Bathsheba but that is not the most important part of the story. The most important part is his repentance after being confronted by Nathan.

The rulers in David’s time would not have been stricken with horror at their own behavior if they were confronted. They would have killed the messenger. The capacity for remorse and repentance was a rare commodity in a ruler then and is rare in rulers today. What was the difference between David and other kings of his time? His faith in the God of Israel. 

An earlier example of someone whose faith in God and persistence in the face of great hardship is Joseph. God turned Joseph, a spoiled, self-centered child, into the second-most powerful leader in Egypt.

Lttle did Joseph know when he naively told his brothers of his dream in which they bowed before him that God would send years of trials and misery before Joseph’s dream would become a reality.

Those who become effective servants of God must endure hardships that, through persistence and faith in God, they traverse successfully.